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PAASL Player Pass

PAASL Player Pass

Your PAASL Player Pass identifies you to the game referee as a registered player in PAASL. The "sticker" on the bottom or your player pass verifies your registration is current. Usually your team coordinator is given stickers for all the players on your team.

Your player pass also allows a referee to keep your pass in the unhappy event that you receive a RED CARD.

You may obtain a PAASL player pass by emailing in a photo. We keep it on file so that a lost player pass can be replaced with just a quick email request. The prefered format for emailed pictures is "jpeg", although many other picture formats are acceptable. We crop your photo to show only your face so please don't worry about other family members, pets or hobbies in the image you send us.

A-Division passes:
B-Division passes:
W-Division passes:
Evening A-Division passes:
Evening B-Division passes:

Usually newly made player passes are delivered to the nets/flag lockbox, along the first base sideline of the softball diamond in the middle of JLS.