Palo Alto Adult Soccer League

Summer 2024 (May 13-Sep 1)

  Sunday league
    Rosters -  ABW

  Evening League
    Rosters -  EAEBEW

Fall 2024 (Sep 8-Dec 29)

  Registration starts Aug 12

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PAASL Player Pass

PAASL Player Pass

Your PAASL Player Pass AND session sticker identify you as registered players in PAASL. PAASL maintains a "No Pass, No Play" policy - you are required to present your player pass to the referee at game time check-in to be eligible to play.

To access your Player Pass, go to ‘My Page’ and sign in by entering your username and password. Once there, click on ‘My Badge’ and you’ll see your Player Pass with the current session displayed. It’s a good idea to take a screenshot and save it on your smartphone to use later without logging in.