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PAASL Player Pass

PAASL Player Pass


Your PAASL Player Pass identifies you as a validly registered player in PAASL. PAASL maintains a "No Pass, No Play" policy - you are required to present your player pass to the referee at game time check-in to be eligible to play.


PAASL player passes are now digital.  They are accessible through MyPage (see image below), which requires you to login through the PAASL website on any browser with your mobile phone. These passes are automatically generated when you register for playing sessions. As a result, PAASL will no longer create and distribute plastic player pass cards or session stickers.  The benefit to players is you will not need to notify nor rely on division commissioners for new or replacement player passes. Players will also no longer be charged new or replacement player pass fees moving forward.


Starting January 2019 (Sunday Spring 2019, Evening 53), referees will only accept these new digital passes for game check-in. For players who do not wish to carry their phones, referees will also accept a print out of your digital player pass for game check-in. For those who wish to carry a player pass print out, the player pass displays your currently valid registration which means you will need to print out your player pass at the start of every new session.


Because PAASL will no longer create unique session stickers to verify valid registration at game time, any player caught with a fake player pass will automatically incur a Violation per our Player Conduct Policy.  This will result in a minimum four month suspension. Repeat offenders will incur additional sanctions.


PAASL appreciates your understanding and welcomes your questions.  We look forward to playing with you in the new year.