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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When can I register to play?

A. You can register to play for an up-coming season when the registration window is open. This typically opens for about a month before that session starts. We aim to close the registration about a week before the session starts in order to set the teams and game schedule.

Q. How do I find out when registation is open for the next session?

A. You can be notified when the registation windows open by signing up for PAASL notifications here.

Q. Who can play in the pickup games?

A. Only players registered for the current league can play in the pick up games of their league, i.e. registered players for Sunday league cannot play in the pick up games for evening league and vice versa. You must have a valid player pass with you in order to partipate in the pickup games.

Q. Help! I need a new player pass what do I do?

A. Send your name and a recent photo - head shot - in any valid image format (PNG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF etc) to the appropriate passes email address which can be found here. A new pass will typically be available within a week.
Note: If you do need to obtain a new player pass mid season then you will also need to get a new season sticker from your team coordinator.

Q. I turn 25 soon, during the next season in fact, can I still register to play?

A. Unfortunately you cannot. PAASL is a 25 and over league and we strictly adhere to that policy. You need to be 25 years or older at the time of registration.