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Game Length Change & Ringing Policy Reminder

To all PAASL players,

PAASL is eager to inform you start with games this Sunday (3/3), all games will be full length - 90 minutes. This switch is suddenly available because the City of Palo Alto has decided to turn off the Mayfield lights later than 10pm, which gives us enough time to finish a 90 minute game for our Evening league.

Although we will all be playing an extra ten minutes, please remember the following:

1) All players should arrive and check-in early. Because referees and downstream field permit users do not permit scheduling delays, games that start late will not always be afforded the full 90 minutes. The best player experience still depends on early arrival and on-time kick off.

2) The City of Palo Alto is allowing us to finish our Evening games past the 10pm permit time. Being disruptive to previous field users or field neighbors may result in complaints which reflect poorly on PAASL and may cause the City to revoke this privilege. PAASL should continue to assert its permit rights, but should do so in a neighborly manner.

A second announcement is the BOD has noticed a recent uptick in ringer policy violations with players from Evening division ringing in Sunday games and vice versa. Please remember that this causes two problems: 1) it's not fair to in division paying players for cross division ringers to eat up game time they did not pay for and 2) cross ringing is a violation of our insurance policy coverage. Please be respectful to other players in this league and ring within your own division. PAASL will begin to treat ringer policy violators as unregistered players coming out to play. This carries a minimum session long suspension with escalations based on repeat behavior. Please refer to the Player Conduct Policy for the full text.

We thank you for your attention and look forward to seeing everyone on the pitch... for an extra 10 minutes starting this Sunday.